World Hoop Day In Marseille


Hosted by Hoop de Mars and Afro Hippie Hoops, World Hoop Day (WHD) was created by fellow hooper Annie O’Keeffe. It is an international hoop celebration held on the first Saturday of October.

On that day WHD volunteers invite all to share in their vision of a peaceful and connected world through freedom of expression, play, and solidarity. World Hoop Day’s annual events are held to promote the sport and inspire new hoopers by offering lessons and workshops, sharing food, music, games, laughter, and distributing hoops to everyone; fostering a world fellowship of hoopers.

Hula hoops also provided by Afro Hippie Hoops!

Afro Hippie Hoops page:


Sponsor Us?

Your donation to this annual event assists Les Cerceaux de L’Espoir & Hoop de Mars in procuring the materials necessary for the construction of hula hoops and our partcipation in the day’s other events, and demonstrates your vote of confidence in our mission.

WHD 2014


We look forward to your participation and support!


See you at the next WHD!

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