What Is A Hoop Jam?

A hoop jam is a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly outdoor social event.Where hoopers of all skill levels come together to play, practice, share their hoop tricks, exercise, and hoop dance. Other skill toys and flow arts are always welcome, including juggling, fans, staff, balls, poi etc… Hoop jams are also a great opportunity for people who are not sure how to get started. In this informal setting, you have a chance to get aquainted with the sport and ask questions.


Does it matter if I’ve never hula-hooped before?
Definitely not! If you have never played with a hula hoop before, do not worry. There will be someone at the hoop jam to help get you started 😉

What if I don’t own a hula-hoop?
No worries. We have plenty of hoops for people to use. We also have handmade hoops in exotic fabrics to sell at all our events.

Want to by a hula hoop: Voulez Vous Acheter Un Cerceau?

What do I do if I’m interested in joining the hoop jam?
Our events are always on our website and Facebook group page, also feel free to sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep up on all the events and classes coming up.

Check out of Facebook events page:

Hoop de Mars Evénements

Does it matter if I can’t come every week?
It’s okay if you can’t make it to every hoop jam., unlike a hoop class, our hoop jams are FREE! Just come when you can, but remember the more you practice the quicker you will improve your skills ;). And remember the more the merrier, so brings friends!

Is this only for women and children?
Not at all! Hooping is for EVERYONE! Come out and join us 🙂

Les Hommes Font Le Cerceau? Yes!

Does it cost money?
Nope not a dime, hoop jams are always 100% free events!! The hooping community in the States organizes hoop jams for the community free of charge, and we at Hoop de Mars carry on the Californian tradition here in Marseille. However donations are always welcome 😉

What’s the age range?
All ages are welcome to join us, including children! Keep in mind though, that the younger they are, the shorter their attention span may be towards hooping.

See you at the next one!!

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