Our 3 Days In Bourges

Once the capital of the province of Aquitaine at the end of the Roman Empire, capital of the Kingdom of France in the reign of Charles VII, Bourges carefully maintains its heritage from a glorious past, located in the center of France on the Yèvre river. It is the capital of the department of Cher and also was the capital of the former province of Berry. 

Bourges most notable monument hands down is the Cathedral of St Etienne. Built between the late 12th and late 13th centuries, it is one of the great masterpieces of Gothic art and is admired for its proportions and the unity of its design. The tympanum, sculptures and stained-glass windows are awe-inspiring. Apart from the beauty of the architecture, it attests to the power of Christianity in medieval France.

The cathedral is of considerable importance in the development of Gothic architecture and as a symbol of the strength of Christianity in medieval France. However, its principal claim lies in its striking beauty, combining masterly management of space with harmonious proportions and decoration of the highest quality. As the figurehead of the Capetian domain facing the south of France, the Cathedral of St Etienne had to be unique in design. The architectural style chosen by the unknown master-builder is based on a plan with no transept and plastic effects of great modernity for their time. The cathedral is still surrounded by the half-timbered houses of the medieval town.

Bourges is also known as one of the greenest cities in France, with 135 hectares of marshland in the heart of the city and more than 50 m2 of parks per inhabitant, and is aprt of the voie verte (greenway) of the loire valley.

Source: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/635

3 thoughts on “Our 3 Days In Bourges

  1. Hi There,
    I am very pleased you came and visited my birth city and stayed 3 days over there. I hope you enjoyed it.
    Your pictures are very nice in spite of the rain. It’s very nice to have an article in your blog.
    Thank you very much for that 🙂
    Nevertheless I need to make a clarification about the origin of ‘bourgeois’, if you don’t mind.
    The inhabitants of Bourges are called Berruyers/Berruyères and certainly not bourgeois / bourgeoise. There is absolutely no link between Bourges and bourgeois…Bourgeois was the name given to the inhabitants who lived in a ‘Bourg ‘ . So the etymology of bourgeois is BOURG +suffix EOIS. A ‘bourg’ (burg) is a market town or a large village …and bourgeois are people who live in the main village itself, rather than in one of the village’s surrounding hamlets. You have bourgeois in all the cities of the world…Paris, London, NY, HK, Tokyo..etc..even Bourges of course..but they will be called a bourgeois Parisien, un bourgeois Berruyer..a Londoner bourgeois…which is not at all the same meaning .
    You may have certainly guess why i wrote you.. i don’t like when people call me ‘oh you are from Bourges so you are a bourgeoise ! ‘..argh it gets gently on my nerves 😉
    But don’t worry a lot of french people make unfortunately that confusion, and you probably met one of them who told you that.
    Kinds regards
    Sophie L

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    1. Hello Sophie, Thank you for the correction, actually you are the first person to tell me that, and it was actually my French husband who told me that….I have made the correction, and as I am becoming a French citizen; it is something I think I should know as well ;). I really enjoyed the city, the landscape, and the people. Don’t even get me started on the cathedrale!! I look forward to going back next year :). Take care, Christel


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